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Success Story:
Customer Service Always Wins Out

A major client from the financial sector was about to pull the plug on one of the largest deals an up-and-coming software vendor had ever done.  They didn’t have confidence that the solution offered would provide the level of stability and performance that their next generation product would require.  Unfortunately for the software vendor, sales were lagging behind targets that needed to be met for an IPO scheduled for the following year.

Within his first few days on the job, Andrew put together a project plan to conduct a proof-of-concept prototype that would give concrete answers to the client’s very important questions.  Untrained technically, and in a very new environment, Andrew assembled a cross-functional team of internal and external resources to get the job done before the end of the following quarter.

Under Andrew’s direction, the team was able to provide significant metrics that solidly proved the robustness of the proposed solution, much to the delight of the client.  The software vendor closed a deal for over $2.5 million dollars and cemented an $8 million dollar deal for one of their major partners.  Because of this success, Andrew’s region exceeded their assigned quota and the software vendor met its board assigned targets.

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