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Success Story:
Farming and TLC Pays Off

A software vendor knew that its impressive list of marquee accounts weren’t being leveraged as well as they could be for additional business.

In addition to his normal duties, Andrew was asked to design a program to appropriately farm these accounts for incremental revenue.  The company was looking for an additional $500,000 in volume over each of the next two years.

Using his position as a trusted advisor to the clients, Andrew was able to institute a recurring quarterly or bi-quarterly account review with each of the targeted companies.  The process provided a natural situation where relationships could be built and each client’s specific needs could be completely understood and digested.  Using this information as a basis, Andy presented additional products and services in a manner that directly benefited each client’s unique situation.

The program was a resounding success.  In the first year alone, over $3 million of repeat business was generated through the Strategic Account Initiative and Andrew was able to provide over 300% of the first year quota.  In addition, millions of dollars more in sales were closed in each of the following years.

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