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Colleague Quotes

“Andy was the technical contact for my group. He provided exceptional responsiveness and made sure that my groups issues and needs were handled in an expedited manner. He has a incredible grasp of technical and business issues. He never let me down.”

– Durwin Wright was Andy’s client

“With Andy, I feel like I have another employee… I always know he’s on my side, and will do everything in his power to add real value to my team.”

– Joe Kronk was Andy’s client

“Andy is the guy I want with me on the key sales calls, he is intelligent, authentic and very responsive. Andy knows how to help the sale progress and make and keep satisfied customers.”

– Joe Petit worked directly with Andy

“I have worked with Andy for the past two years. He is very fun to work with, is professional and has a great understanding of the business side and technical side. He has been instrumental to my success. I would HIGHLY recommend Andy for any company.”

– Jeff Nelson worked directly with Andy

“Andy is one of the hardest working guys I know but what makes him special is that he combines this with a “can do” attitude and the skills to make it happen. I’d employ Andy again in a heartbeat.”

– Simon Peel managed Andy indirectly

“Andy was my Technical Account Manager for Computer Associates. He was great with all levels from VP to end user. With his help we closed the largest order ever at the time ($5 million) with additional add-on the next year”

– Larry Jones managed Andy indirectly

“A real professional Takes on more than asked, and knows what’s needed”

– Tim Bridge managed Andy

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