Andrew Milo

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Andy Milo is a businessman and geek (aka, a business technologist) with 17 years experience in enterprise software, application development and operational management. In his current position as a technical sales resource for Google Enterprise, he has helped to build game-changing cloud and on-premises solutions for some of the world’s best known companies. Clients include Apple, Intel, NetApp, American Airlines, Amgen, Sony, Wells Fargo, Northrop Grumman and Sprint.

Prior to Google, Andy was the Principal Consultant at Open Text’s Digital Media Group, where he helped top tier firms organize, find and efficiently utilize mountains of digital content – everything from simple text documents to scrubbable frame accurate browse proxies for 4K digital film. Representative clients consist of Disney, 20th Century Fox, Ralph Lauren, USAA, Oakley, Sun, AMD, Macy’s, and Paramount.

Early career distinctions include being the first Webmaster for Brandeis University, an IT manager at RentGrow, where he helped pull credit reports over the Internet for the very first time, and an engineer at Mainsoft, best known for porting Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to Sun Solaris.

His professional time is spent explaining technology, making deals and bringing in cash.  He’s also co-created several Milowerx Media properties and is the functional Yin to his brother Mike’s creative Yang.

Andy is a recent transplant to Texas from the bitter cold of the Northeast, with a decade long stop-over on the sunny shores of California in between. Despite logging 2 million miles on an airplane, he’s somehow been able to marry way over his head, have a couple of great kids and even enjoys a hobby or two.

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